MAY 18th Candice Milner @ Galatos, Auckland

MAY 19th Candice Milner @ Kumeu Live, Auckland

MAY 26th Candi & The Rockets @ Dark Star, Diamond Harbour

JUNE 2nd Candice Milner @ Irene's Pub (OTTAWA, ONTARIO)

JUNE 2nd Candice Milner @ Grumpy's Pub (OTTAWA, ONTARIO)

JUNE 3rd Candice Milner @ L'Escalier (MONTREAL, QUEBEC)

JUNE 7th Candice Milner @ Mariposa Cafe (MONTREAL, QUEBEC)

JULY 2nd Candice Milner @ The Hotel Cafe (LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA)

AUGUST 11th Candi & The Rockets @ Brighton Pierside Bar & Cafe

AUGUST 19th Candi & The Rockets @ Blue Smoke

AUGUST 25th Candi & The Rockets @ Tiki Party

SEPTEMBER 8th Soul, Rock n Roll! w/ The Soul Mates & The Rockets @ Hellfire Club

SEPTEMBER 16th Candice Milner supporting Fables @ Blue Smoke

SEPTEMBER 21st Candi & The Rockets @ Aranui Community Trust Spring Dance

SEPTEMBER 22nd Candice Milner @ Lyttelton Records

SEPTEMBER 23rd Candice Milner @ Eruption Brewing

OCTOBER 6th Candi & The Rockets @ Dark Star, Diamond Harbour

OCTOBER 11th Candice Milner with Albi & The Wolves @ Blue Smoke

OCTOBER 26th Candice Milner @ Lyttelton Records

NOVEMBER 10th Candi & The Rockets @ Rockabilly Show n Shine

NOVEMBER 25th Candice Milner @ Lyttelton Rose Show

NOVEMBER 25th Candi & The Rockets @ Kaiapoi Rock n Roll Club


JANUARY 25th-28th Candice Milner @ Auckland Folk Festival

MARCH 16th Candi & The Rockets @ Caroline Bay Rock n Hop